Lincolnshire 4×4 Response

Lincolnshire 4×4 Response offer a logistics solution to transport all year round, whether it’s the need to move drugs, documentation or personnel, our group is there with the solution.

In the event of flooding, heavy snow, extreme weather conditions or other emergencies, the emergency services, care providers and support agencies, are there providing the assistance needed. Again, at such times they may also need extra support in the transportation of their key personnel and equipment to and from home, work or the point of care, it is then they can call upon our group for support.

Lincolnshire 4×4 Response will provide trained drivers and their vehicles, fully vetted and insured, 365 days a year. All communications are handled via our 24/7 system of control and despatch, based either in our static command centre or our mobile unit, using network based radio systems and tracking. This ensures a clear and confidential command structure.

When the conditions are at their worst, it is often only 4×4 vehicles that can be relied upon to travel safely. However, they are only as good as their drivers. It is at time such as these the group’s training programmes and experience, gained over many years, allow it to undertake the challenging tasks requested by their many Clients.

As a member of the registered charity, 4×4 Response UK which is a nationally-recognised voluntary organisation, Lincolnshire 4×4 Response, is part of a country wide network dedicated to the support of all our emergency services and care providers. This also allows them to call for additional resources from neighbouring groups should the need arise.

If you are an Cat.1 or Cat.2 organisation, a support company or a charity and think we can assist you then please contact

If you have a 4×4 vehicle and wish to contribute a little to public safety, why not join us. Monthly meetings keep us in touch with colleagues and regular Training events help to increase your skills.

Go to our JOIN 4x4R page now.

Lincolnshire 4x4 Response



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Lincolnshire 4x4 Response - funded by the national lottery