Marshalling point – standing by

We responded to a request for assistance by Cancer Research UK at their 5K & 10K in Cleethorpes.  Two responders attended on Saturday 13th May 2017 and helped with initial preparation.  We then had 6 responders in 5 vehicles present from 5.15am on Sunday as we assisted with setting the course with some areas only accessible by 4x4s.

Once the race was underway we marshalled at various points with one responder stationed with, and to assist, ambulance services if required, and one responder managing the water station.  As the final runners went through we took down the course and stood down just after 2pm.  Despite the initial rain during set-up, the weather brightened in time for the race.

We used our new Sarcomm radios to great effect with one 4×4 controller, in contact with the CRUK course manager, coordinating all attending responders.  CRUK were very grateful for our help. Thanks to the attending team of Chris, Jackie, Roger, Simon, Darrell and Art.