LN4X4 Marshall standing by

Our first event of the season saw 4 responders, each with a vehicle, attend for the Lincoln 10K on 2nd April 2017.

We discussed our deployment with the organisers and it was decided to have a mobile 4×4 control that would double as primary sweep vehicle with a secondary sweep vehicle in front of this. This would allow the second sweeper to collect retirees on route should it be necessary whilst allowing primary sweeper to drop back should communication with event control be needed.

Our two other vehicles were positioned to allow easy access to collect retirees.

We actually only had one retiree who was collected and taken to the finish by one of these extra vehicles with the other joining as a third sweeper to prevent vehicles putting runners at risk as the roads were opening behind.

The day went well and we did all that was asked of us in terms of strategic organisation & logistics, and protecting the participants.

A big thank you to those who attended, Dave, Chris, Tony and Art