The Festival opened to the public at 10.00 but we were on site for 06.00 to take charge of two gates and allowing access for the traders only. Dave and Struan looked after gate 2 and Chris and myself looked after gate 1. John came down to us at midday for a couple of hours and helped on gate 1 so we could get a break.

The weather held off nicely with only a little drizzle during the day and with the cloud cover it was not too hot.

The traders had a good day as many had sold out by mid afternoon and that set off requests for access to break down stalls. Although we allowed it with careful control it was perhaps a mistake because once one trader had been let on site of course several others also asked and we had a bit of a cascade then. Next time a definite entry time will need to be agreed.

We had to stay until all the traders had packed up so we didn’t finish on the gates until 17.30. Along day mostly stood around doing little with small bursts of activity when the Fire & Rescue needed to leave or return !

Next Louth event will be the Christmas Market so I expect we shall be back again Sunday December 1st for that.