Why Do We Need Support?

Lincolnshire 4×4 Response are a totally voluntary organisation and apart from membership fees we receive no other regular funding. Although we always try to keep our running costs to a minimum, we still have unavoidable regular expenses, such as insurance premiums, phone line rental etc, to pay in order to remain operational. We also need to provide and occasionally replace worn out equipment, especially our members PPE, and therefore we rely on sponsorship and donations to keep our organisation running.

There are many ways that people help to support the group and its members financially, from individuals who put their loose change into one of our collecting boxes to sponsorship and donations from local organisations and companies.

While cash donations are the most flexible way to help support us, there are many other way’s you can help such as;

Paypal Donation

If you would like to donate directly to us via paypal, please send it to treasurer@ln4x4r.org.uk

A donation of equipment
We need communication equipment, navigation equipment, recovery equipment, auxiliary lighting, fire extinguishers, safety equipment and many other things to help our clients and keep our members safe. Our Secretary maintains our “wish list” and if you feel you may be able to help at this level, he would be delighted to discus it with you.

A donation of services
Help with administration, photocopying, printing, assistance with public relations, advertising and media coverage to name a few.

A donation for our help 
We could assist you by providing experienced mobile marshals for walks, runs, cycle rides, shows, carnivals and many other events in return for a modest donation to our funds. Please see the about us page for further information.

Help our members save money
Even helping our members save money on the things they buy will help the group. Offering members a discount on the goods or services that you sell will help towards the personal expense of being a volunteer.

If you would like to make a cash donation please click the button below, (you do not need to have an account), or if you would like to offer some other form of support to our group please contact our Secretary who will be delighted to hear from you.